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How Artificial is Your Essay


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Grammar Checker
Some words are easy to confuse, others have difficult spellings, and grammar can be a nightmare to perfect. Worrying about all of these things can ruin your writing flow, so use our tool to identify grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in real time.

AI Essay Checker
AI content is everywhere these days, and it’s improving so rapidly that it’s become almost impossible to differentiate. With our AI detector, you can find the probability that a piece of content was written with AI in seconds flat.

Plagiarism Scanner
Plagiarism, both intentional and otherwise, can impact your reputation and your grade in school. Use our built-in plagiarism scanner to identify any instances of plagiarism, and edit them out before you hit send.

Daniel T.

High School Teacher

Upholding Academic Integrity: The Essential Role of Essay Check for English Teachers

“ Being an English teacher, maintaining academic integrity is paramount. Essay Check has become an indispensable tool in my classroom. It not only aids in detecting plagiarism but also identifies any AI-generated content seamlessly. With its user-friendly interface, Essay Check empowers me to uphold academic honesty effortlessly ”

Alex W.

Content Creator

Content Creation Revolution

“Essay Check transforms my online content creation, ensuring authenticity and originality in scripts and blog posts. It eliminates AI-generated content, empowering me to confidently engage my audience!”

Sarah K.

SEO Specialist

Such a life-changing experience. Highly recommended!

“In the competitive world of SEO, Essay Check has truly become my trusted ally. By meticulously ensuring that my content is devoid of any plagiarism or AI-generated elements, it not only maintains but elevates the quality and integrity of my work. This invaluable tool has enabled me to consistently deliver top-notch content, leading to tangible improvements in my clients’ website rankings. With Essay Check by my side, I feel confident in my ability to navigate the competitive landscape of SEO and drive lasting success for my clients.!”

Jessica R.

College Student

An overall wonderful and excellent experience

“”Essay Check makes my essays better and original. It catches mistakes check AI content and stops copying so I get good grades.”!”

Patrick Abrams


Transformative Content Creation with Essay Check

“ Essay Check has revolutionized the way I create content for my online platforms. As a content creator, authenticity is everything. This incredible tool not only helps me maintain originality in my scripts and blog posts but also ensures there’s no trace of AI-generated content. With Essay Check, I can confidently produce content that resonates with my audience! ”

Get Rid of Spelling Errors

Once you paste your text into Essay Check, it will identify potential spelling errors and offer suggestions. If our tool flags a word that’s spelled correctly, just select the “Ignore All” option!


How Artificial is Your Content

AI content generators can help you get the ball rolling, but you don’t want that showing up in a report. Pop your text into our content checker and hit the “Detect AI Content” button to see what percentage of your writing gets flagged.
To achieve a human-like score, utilize the Humanize AI text feature of Rewriterpro to rewrite the above text for you.


Understand Your Uniqueness

Plagiarism can inadvertently pop up while you’re writing and researching. Double checking your writing is as easy as pasting the text into Essay Check and hitting the “Check Plagiarism” button. You’ll see exactly what percentage of the content is plagiarized!


Whether you’re writing a paper in high school or a university dissertation, our tool can help you streamline and refine your essay to make sure your grades stay up. In case you’re still learning English, our tool is a great way to learn and improve your language skills!


Cheating is now easier than ever before, because it’s not just plagiarism that you need to look out for. Students can use AI content generators to do their homework for them, but with our tool, teachers can figure out where the work came from in an instant.

Content Creation

The creative process can be grueling and exhausting, and many authors just don’t have the energy to proofread every line. Essay Check can handle that for you, and it can also prove that your writing is 100% genuine and original!

SEO Specialists

Using AI content in any capacity can negatively impact your ranking on the SERP. Plagiarism is no different, especially after Google rolled out its new quality rater. Make sure your SEO content meets the new algorithmic guidelines and ranks as highly as possible by running it through Essay Check beforehand.

Content Creators

Both plagiarism and AI content can ruin the reputation of a content creator. Luckily, our tool can help you remove any instances of plagiarism in your YouTube script, blog post, or any other content you’re working on. If you’re using AI to generate ideas, use Essay Check to remove any traces of AI content in a flash.

Legal Experts

Legal documents can be dense and complicated, and they have zero room for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Not only will Essay Check help you get rid of them, but it will also help you uncover any unexpected AI artifacts and ensure your text reads like a human being wrote it.

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